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About “Us”…

We’re just beginning this effort to build a moderate political party. There’s no formal incorporation or non-profit status yet, no staff, no offices, or volunteers. It’s just me at the moment. The good thing about that is you can be more assured this isn’t yet another well-funded “astro-turf” (fake) attempt to mislead citizens.

My name is Thomas Krafft. There’s nothing particularly special about me, in terms of politics. I haven’t worked in Washington DC, and have no plans ever to run for office. I’ve never been a political reporter or Congressional aid. I’m beholden to no corporations or other interests save my own. I’m just an average guy who loves his country and the ideals upon which it was founded. And let me be clear when I say that, because we hear so many others today saying the exact same thing… I love America, freedom and democracy so much, that I accept completely the fact that we might not agree on every topic or opinion – AND I fully understand this fact makes you no less American or patriotic than I. We are all equals in the eyes of God, the universe, and our American Constitution. Don’t ever let anyone convince you of anything less.

The only enemies we face in this country are those who limit your control over, and involvement in the democratic process that guides our government – a process that is designed to work better than any other form of government that has ever existed, even when some of us don’t always agree with every outcome. Other than that, I believe we are all on the same team, we’re all Americans, we all bleed red, we love our children, help those in need, are strongly independent and willing to work hard to make an honest living, and more. There are so many more common characteristics that unite us, than there are potential flaws terrible enough to separate us.

In fact, if you look through all of our recorded world history, you’ll find pretty much just one common characteristic by which you’ll always be able to identify the bad people or evil-doers: They think they’re better than everyone else. They think they’re more religious and closer to God. They believe their money or power makes them superior. The examples could continue, but the gist of this is simply that no country was ever destroyed by people simply wanting to help each other, or those who believe in the better angels and aspects of our common human character. Not even those socialist countries we hear about sometimes can claim much injury to their citizens, other than annoying the hell out of anyone who hates bureaucracy and insanely high taxes.

The beauty of our American system of government is that we are all free to do whatever we want – as long as we’re not preventing someone else from doing the same, or enjoying their life. Our founders often referred to the balance between individual rights and the “Social Contract” – and for good reason. An individual can have unlimited freedom. A group of people will invariably need to compromise in order to get along and work together. You can attend any church you want, vote any way you want, speak your mind to anyone who will listen, and open up any book you want and learn from it. You’re free to vote your conscience and your opinion, and the nation will move forward.

But there will be those who continue to say some of us ARE better than others. They’ll say their church is better than yours, or a legitimate belief system compared to yours. They’ll say your political opinions are somehow anti-American just because they don’t agree with you. And they will spend inordinate money and resources to trick you into believing the same democratic process by which America has grown and flourished for over 200 years is somehow not right.

The Moderate Party, once we get everything up-and-running, will hopefully provide a refuge from all the acidic vitriol and hate-filled vile propaganda that barrages us every day. The Moderate Party will hopefully provide a new beginning, engaging all Americans to participate again, together in our common and amazing political process, to move the nation forward again.

It’ll take a little while, but we hope to get this thing off the ground very soon. Stick with me here. It’ll be well worth the wait.

And in the meantime, you can connect with us on Twitter @USModerates where we’ll keep you posted on all the latest.

Kindest regards,

Thomas Krafft

Twitter: @ThomasKrafft

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