Welcome to the beginning

The Moderate Party of the United States of America is being founded to address the increasingly divisive and destructive conduct of both Republican and Democratic political leaders.

America is a Union of many different peoples, with many different opinions. America embodies the free expression of ideas and interests from a diverse and broad spectrum of individual opinion and collective knowledge. The Republican and Democratic parties however, either by ignorance or intent, have positioned themselves as completely and mutually exclusive from each other, with no room whatsoever for any compromise or agreement on anything. By definition, if you have zero tolerance for any position to which the other “side” might agree, that leaves you having to support or reject only the opinions of one extreme or another. In their mistaken opinion that any agreement or compromise is weakness, the two major American political parties today have effectively rendered themselves incapable of anything other than faction and extremism, unable to produce any policy or action that moves our great nation forward.

The Moderate Party believes our representatives should be focused on achieving the greatest good for the greatest number of Americans possible, with whatever resources they have available to them. We believe government should only be so big as is necessary to implement and support the will of the people. No more. No less. We dedicate ourselves to the defense of  individual freedom while also promoting the sacred obligations that every member of any society has to each other, and that any free government has to the protection and defense of the nation’s citizens.

“We who have grown up in a democracy take for granted a government of the people based on reason and the people’s choice. But before our nation was founded, modern governments were based on authoritarian domination. The people in general were considered little more than cattle, to be governed and controlled by those possessing wealth, education and power, and kept under subjection lest they undermine the stability of the government. The Founding Fathers introduced the revolutionary idea that government could rest on the reasoned choice of the people themselves, which was thought absurd in other lands at that time.”Thomas Jefferson

The future is just beginning, but history will always be our guide. We thank you for your interest and support. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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